Sober Home Task Force

Sober home task force Yesterday, Palm Beach State Attorney Dave Aronberg spoke to a reporter from the Sun Sentinel, announcing that his office will be making arrests in the next 30 to 45 days in the drug recovery industry. These arrests are related to investigations by the Sober Home Task Force, which has been investigating the drug recovery industry since 2016.

The State Attorney further stated that the arrests will target big players such as pharmacies, physicians, and laboratories because all the “low hanging fruit” have been arrested.

Sober Home Task Force State Attorney

The Sun Sentinel article can be found here.

The Sober Home Task Force investigation has been aggressive and far reaching. Worse, the State Attorney has sought to eliminate any defenses available to defendants by filing motions in limine to preclude the advice of counsel defense. The inability to assert an advice of counsel defense in these cases, wherein legal advice was sought and followed for the most part, makes the charges against defendants akin to a strict liability charge. As a result, the State Attorney has been largely successful in obtaining plea agreements from those arrested thus far. However, this might change if the State Attorney does in fact arrest bigger players with more resources to fight these cases through motion practice and trial.

Sober Home Task Force

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